An all-inclusive craft experience for the elderly, adults with learning and physical disabilities and mental health concerns. We also specialise in working with people with dementia and also within wider community groups.

Our workshops reach

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Fun, entertaining, rewarding, enjoyable and cost effective craft workshops, but with a unique twist!

Our workshops are tailored with both individual residents and groups in mind.

By utilising our unique die-cut shapes, it allows individuals to communicate through their own creative expression.

All our workshops have been developed for both individuals and groups of any ability.

More than 90+ tailored seasonal and event themed workshops.

Our workshop leaders are trained to motivate and include all individuals.

Our fantastic testimonials

Very good activities, all the residents in our home love the activity. This gives them an opportunity to explore their creative sides.

Mark Swanson Bluebird Care

"I was visiting my mother at Earlsferry Nursing Home when Creative Mojo were enabling residents to make their own Christmas cards. I was very impressed with their patience, kindness and good humour, and at the obvious benefits their activities had for the residents. On a previous occasion, I arrived just as they were leaving and my mother was still buzzing from the art activity. Everyone was thrilled with the results!"

Jenny McCullough Earlsferry Nursing Home

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All our Mojo's are highly trained, passionate people who love what they do.

Every Creative Mojo representative is trained at our Devon headquarters, are fully insured and all have current Disclosure Scotland or DBS's.

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May Li


Hi, I’m May,

I am very passionate that residents work is their own work and I love how the projects are carefully designed to be inclusive so that anyone of any ability can join in. I tweak them on site of course to take into consideration the class size and ability. It usually starts with people saying they are not at all artistic, little do they know. Those who can and are able, are encouraged to work on more detail. Many residents just want to experiment with the colours and learn new techniques as many won’t have held a paintbrush for some years.  The teaching side and coaching is such fun and rewarding. I encourage everyone to take part no matter how small a part. Its satisfying when you have a resident who declines to part take initially, I ask them to come sit watch or chat with me. Curiosity gets the better of them and the next minute they find themselves joining in. I try also to include some meaningful activity, though at most of my Homes I do have residents come meet me at the car to collect my trolley and art materials and/or help set up the table and clear up afterwards.

Some other residents will need more help than others. Especially those with more profound disabilities, that’s when staff and I support with hand over hand or completing work under instruction, that’s if they are able to instruct.

Whatever the ability or disability it’s hard not feel over the moon to see how their faces light up when they see the progress of on-going projects and the finished project.


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