1-2-1 Direct Art Packs

Bespoke, personalised, wellbeing 1-2-1 Direct Art Packs created and delivered directly to both Care Homes and to your own home by our experienced Creative Mojo art team.

A first of it's kind!

What are 1-2-1 Direct Art Packs?

As we can’t be with your right now with the current Covid-19 pandemic affecting the usual way our workshops take place, we have developed 1-2-1 Direct Art Packs that are tailored specifically for individuals but still bringing our creative spark to you and your home.

Each Direct Art Pack is managed and collated by our experienced local Creative Mojo representatives who will liaise directly with the care home on delivery of the packs.

You can order as many individual packs as needed.


What the Art Packs provides:

  • Wellbeing & joy
  • Encouragement for people to be independent
  • Suitable for the Elderly, people with Learning Disabilities and people with Dementia
  • Personalised with a letter to the resident introducing the content of the pack
  • Inspirational images provided
  • Bespoke die-cut shapes
  • Tailored for all abilities and interests
  • Clear instructions provided
  • Affordable and inspiring
  • Online gallery to showcase your wonderful work.

How it works



Your local Creative Mojo representative will take an order for your 1-2-1 Direct Art Pack. You can choose from a selection of themes including 3D Floral Bouquet, Beach Huts Collage, English Country Cottage and many more.



Our experienced representatives tailor the 1-2-1 Direct Art Pack specifically to each individual considering their needs. Our representative also provide a personalised letter and clear instructions on how to get the most out of our packs.



The 1-2-1 Direct Art Pack will then arrive in the post personally addressed to the budding artist!



We encourage feedback on the projects and want to see photos of everyone's fabulous work which can then be shared on our gallery page.

How to Order

Simply follow the link to find your nearest Creative Mojo representative to make an enquiry or order your first 1-2-1 Direct Art Pack.

Click here to find your local representative

Or alternatively, Click here to contact us


Although Creative Mojo Ltd and associated franchisees provide materials in these packs that are safe to use, it is the responsibility of the care home associated with the individual who will be using the pack to oversee the contents and make sure correct health and safety measures are taken.
Materials supplied may be subject to change depending on current availability.

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