Chester, Wrexham & Flintshire

Chester, Wrexham & Flintshire


Hi I’m Sue

I’ve always been a people person and very at ease chatting to people and have always been driven with creative ideas. . After 40 years of Quality management jobs in the Food Industry and on the back of redundancy last year, I finally decided I wanted to do something completely different that would make my heart sing in the morning and do something really worthwhile helping bring joy, happiness and coaching to others in the community, whilst giving me the flexibility to work when I wanted to.

Having nursed my elderly mum through dementia and the heart break of losing her to a stroke had given me a passion to work with the elderly and those vulnerable groups with learning difficulties. Creative Mojo dropped into my facebook page in January at the right time and I was instantly drawn to wanting to work for them bringing craft to care homes and interacting with both the Elderly and Young.

My greatest joy is when I hear young and old say they can’t paint – I’m not creative / I can’t do that’ and then at the end of the class after some encouragement we produce our communal work of art with contributions from all the residents.. they always look wonderful and the residents and staff always looked surprised and pleased at the same time at what they have contributed to.

Combine this with lots of chatting and singing while we paint and lots of happy smiling residents, I can’ think of a better way to spend my time. I’m really excited and looking forward to bringing more Creative Mojo classes to Care home residents all over Flintshire, Chester and Wrexham areas in the coming months.


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