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Loraine Macintyre


Hi, I’m Loraine,

I qualified in the dental profession many moons ago and have experience working with specialist teams within acute hospitals and care homes ensuring patients receive quality care, by delivering education through training which I believe should be a fun experience for everyone. Away from work but highly relevant to this venture, I have always enjoyed recycling furniture, decorating with colour, creating soft furnishings and finding ways to make things rather than purchasing them. I also enjoyed the times my four children were growing up when we had to be creative with paints, crayons, washing up bottles, tiles, clothing and toilet roll holders, helping them to discover their inner artistic flair. I believe everyone has an ability within them and have seen with my older patients the exceptional skills and stories they carry from their younger years. Through Creative Mojo I can combine all these aspects and skills together, to enable care home residents to have fun, experience a stimulating, creative art session that can improve their holistic wellbeing while bringing them together as a team!


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