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Claire Henshall


Hi, I’m Claire.

I have always been very creative in nature, making gifts and cards for family from all sorts of things as a very young girl, through to studying Art & Design at College and specialising in Textile Design.

Having had few opportunities to really express this side of me during my previous working career in Media and an unexpected redundancy, it got me thinking about what I’d most enjoy doing in the future.

The Creative Mojo opportunity found me as much as I found it, quite by chance, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it once the seed was sown; a chance to run my own business AND be creative! Well, here I am, up and running the Greater West London territory, I couldn’t be happier.

I cannot begin to explain the sheer joy of being able to tease out people’s creative side; we all have one, despite protest on occasion. The smiles from residents, their families, staff and volunteers when they see what’s been created at the end of a session, truly is priceless and almost always exceeds their own expectations.

I’m loving every minute doing this, it’s so very rewarding and it is certainly feeding my soul.

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