Thanks for your franchise enquiry


Please find below a link to our brochure as a PDF file with details of our full package and prices. 

Some of the items included in a Creative Mojo franchise include full training, support in setting up your initial groups of homes, all materials and equipment and branded on-line and traditional marketing is supplied including website listing, branded personalised Facebook page, sales leaflets and business cards and much much more. Have a look on page 10 of the franchisee pack to see what is included in full.

As a guide our franchisees charge between £40 and £60 an hour. If you look at say 2 classes a day at an average of £50 per session 5 days a week that would bring you in £2000 per month. A number of our franchisees are also charging £60 per hour class now too, so this combined with being able to run more classes a day, up to 5 a day is realistically the maximum, there is the potential to earn a genuinely fantastic income.

One thing we do ask is that if you have any initial questions, that these are directed to us here at head office and not to the live franchisees. We do give you an opportunity to contact any franchisee you wish at a later stage, but generally only once you have had chat with us on a Zoom call or popped to see a franchisee in your nearest live territory on a shadow day. This is mainly because we get many franchise enquiries every month and we feel it is unfair that the franchisees bear the brunt of all the initial questions, so please call us or email us back if you do want further info and we will be happy to assist.

Have a read through the material and do not hesitate to give us a call on our office number (below) or speak to Sandra my fellow director directly on 07957343449 to ask any more in-depth questions.

We also provide a Zoom Q&A option too for if people want to discuss this further. Let us know if you would like to book in one of these meetings with the founder Sandra.

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