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Sarah Keeler-Dawson

Sarah runs Creative Mojo Manchester West territory.

I started with Creative Mojo in June 2019 and I now have a mixture of regular and ad-hoc sessions all over Manchester.

Most of my Mojo sessions are in elderly care homes but I do have one in a learning-disabled adult home and a day centre. I really enjoy both, but I’d love to work more with learning disabled adults.

Sarah Keeler-Dawson

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String Pull Art

My favourite elderly care home to work at is fairly local to me and has a lovely, warm feeling about it. You can tell the residents enjoy living there and there's also the added bonus of a pug therapy dog running around there sometimes. This particular home just booked be ad-hoc initially but recently said that feedback from residents about my sessions has been so good that they now want me to go in fortnightly, so I'm delighted about that!

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Cheeseplant Leaves in Watercolour

At another elderly care home, I work in ad-hoc, an activities co-ordinator told me after a recent session that one particular resident that joined in my session had never taken part in any activity before! I felt so honoured that she'd decided to give it a go and I think this shows that just having a different person in the home can encourage residents to try something.

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Autumnal Tree

My advice to other Mojos would be to try to find time to listen to residents and really try to understand what you can do to help them get the most out of sessions. Many have fantastic stories to tell and have led incredibly interesting lives and you will find yourself learning every day.

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