Summer Has Bloomed

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Summer Has Bloomed

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Create this exotic display of Lilys, Roses, carnations and much much more.

Learn flower painting techniques to help you complete this wonderful eye catching display.

Supplied with beautiful photographs to inspire,  leaves and a mass of ready mixed paints in beautifully selected shades.

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Creative Mojo Art Kits all include:
  • Bespoke die-cut shapes (exclusive to Creative Mojo)
  • Paint and glue
  • Embellishments and/or collage materials
  • Printed instruction guides
  • Paint brushes (included with first art kit only)
  • If the project requires other materials such as chalks or pastels these will also be included.

As our products are hand made, the items provided may vary slightly from those displayed.

1-2-1 Art Kits
These are a smaller version of the group projects, meaning the same items will be included, however in a smaller quantity as it will be for use by one person.
We are always happy to work with our clients individually to provide what they need.
All kits will be delivered within 7-10 working days.

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