Focus on a Mojo
Claire Henshall

Claire runs Creative Mojo Greater West London territory.

I’ve met so many wonderful people running workshops across the Greater West London area. From amazing and helpful staff to the funny, larger than life, quiet, sometimes solemn characters of everyday life. Real people with some amazing stories to tell. Some of them truly talented in their own rights. These are the very same people that make me strive to do better, every day, in the service I provide.

Just Like That….

I’ve been told that I go the extra mile for my clients and I hope you can see this reflected in some of the artwork shown here.
I’ve also been told that there are some residents who won’t take part in any other activity in homes and only come to my workshops. I feel humbled to know this and try to keep the projects as interesting as I can and provide something for all. Working with their abilities and stretching them is key.


Some of the people I work with have limited hand functionality so I try to adapt the tools I provide to make it easier for them to take part, from paint dabbers to finger brushes, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Claire Henshall



I’ve been working with one particular residency over some years and currently visit them twice a week. Space has become limited so we have worked together on a series of portraits, decorated with our mojo shapes to show appreciation for the staff and residents on their birthdays. Staff get to take their portraits home and many have framed them.

These are also a great way to celebrate that special someone in your life – please contact me if you’re interested in a Portrait Paint Party.


Challenging times

I’ve had some amazing opportunities over the years and some challenging requests; from summer party backdrops to murals to street scenes. I think I’ve risen to those challenges and managed to get the biggest smiles in doing so. During Covid lockdown, a particularly miserable time for most, a wonderful activity co-ordinator asked for some help to brighten up the care home and provide pit-stops of interest to evoke memories and conversation.  These projects were a life saver, I was able to paint at home which really helped with my own mental health at this strange time. It was such a relief to finally be able to get back to work properly and provide the same for all of the people I had missed so much.


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