Interactive Direct Group Projects

During these difficult times, whilst all our clients homes are on lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the residents need something that would still allow them continue with the Creative Mojo projects they all love so much.

With social isolation in place it makes providing our traditional classes in homes a challenge, however we have come up with the kind of project that allows the residents to still be involved in producing their own piece of creativity whilst keeping Creative Mojo's unique way of providing its workshops at it's heart.

Below is a guide to how it works and an image gallery of some of the completed projects.

How it works


1. Hand painted, pre prepped background

We prepare a hand painted background ready to work on based on various themes including VE Day, Father's Day, Art Deco, British wildlife, travel, cultural themes and historical themes.


2. What the pack includes

Alongside the background we provide a pack that provides painting, collage, colouring-in, 3D art and much more. These packs encourage residents to be independent with part-drawn shapes and items ready to add to themselves that are self explanatory.

This image shows a small selection of what you get in a pack.


3. Delivery to your care home

We then deliver to your own door making sure we are following the correct guidelines for social distancing.


1-2-1 Packs available too

As some of your residents are social isolating in their rooms, we have also developed a pack just for them. These include 3D wreaths, individual flowers to decorate, hanging decorations and much more. Please get in touch for more information.

The gallery

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